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Ceramic/ Sapphire





We in Victoria Dental use Equilibrium® metal mini- brackets by Dentaurum, Germany.
There is an ideal bond between the metal mini-bracket and the tooth thanks to 3D CAD bracket base with laser structure adapted to the tooth. They are one of the smallest brackets in the world – both aesthetic and comfortable for the patient to wear. These brackets are anatomically adapted 1-piece bracket without solder for high biocompatibility. The debonding channel ensures safe debonding for the tooth surface and protects the enamel. Generously rounded tie wing undercuts in optimal design for comfort and improved hygiene. Reliable results in patient treatment over many years have proven that the attractive and functional design of these brackets is successful..




We in Victoria Dental use Discovery® pearl (by Dentaurum, Germany). It is an all-ceramic bracket without irritating metal inserts in the slot. It was designed in one piece and is manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities. With the pearl ceramic brackets it is possible to fulfill the highest of demands for an aesthetic correction of the teeth – discreetly, efficiently and with high naturalness. 
A distinguishing feature of the pearl brackets is the proven bracket geometry. These brackets offer a high level of translucency for perfect aesthetics. With its rounded geometry and size, the bracket seems virtually non-existent in the mouth. It has a patented laser-structured base with FDI notation for easy matching to the correct tooth and anatomical base for a perfect fit on the tooth.



We in Victoria Dental use discovery® delight (by Dentaurum, Germany) lingual braces. These braces dramatically reduce the number of components required for treatment while ensuring a free selection of all treatment options, from 2D to 3D treatment. This lingual system addresses patient needs and offers all the advantages of the well-proven discovery® bracket family Pros: high quality, virtually invisible, short treatment time, high wearing comfort and perfect design.
Pros: high quality, virtually invisible, short treatment time, high wearing comfort and perfect design.



Self-ligating braces have outstanding features like excellent treatment efficiency, impressively simple and reliable handling and a very high degree of patient comfort. As a member of the discovery® bracket family (Dentaurum, Germany). It allows easy and seamless combination with other products from the same family. With these braces could be achieved optimal treatment results & perfect aesthetics. Discovery® sl brackets combine maximum function and minimal size to ensure efficient & aesthetic treatment. The minimal size, super smooth surfaces and closed design of the discovery® sl brackets provide the patient with excellent intra-oral comfort and optimal hygiene.



 Clear aligners are wonderful modern alternative to braces. Behind every produced clear aligner is an industry-leading team of engineers and scientists who are continuously innovating to improve your path to a beautiful smile. Experience suggests that they are effective for moderate crowding of the front and side teeth. They are indicated for "mild to moderate crowding" (1–6 mm) and "mild to moderate spacing" (1–6 mm), or more severe cases. They are preferred fast option for patients who have experienced a relapse after fixed orthodontic treatment.