English language school Plovdiv with English language profile, 2012

Master Degree of Dental Medicine, State Medical University-Plovdiv, Faculty of Dental Medicine, 2017.


Certificates Dr. Sonia Mandova is devoted to provide high quality orthodontic services to her patients and their families. She selects only modern materials and new orthodontic techniques to achieve flawless results for her patients in a shorter time and with improved comfort. Her dedication to caring for patients is equal to her pursuit of knowledge. She is fluent in English and has Cambridge C1 Certificate. Dr. Sonya Mandova participated in an international clinical project in The University of Tennesee, College of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, USA in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry & Community Oral Health in 2017.

Dr. Mandova's expert training and professionalism have added to her keen eye for beauty and aesthetics. When not at the clinic Dr. Mandova has a deep love for photography, videography (and dentistry, of course), she loves travelling, pilates and also unwinds her passion by playing the piano.


Mandova, Sonya, Dandarov, Yavor & Iftikhar, Hira & Ivanoff, Chris & Marchesan, Melissa & Andonov, Bogomil & Hottel, Timothy. (2017). Fracture resistance of mandibular first premolars with contracted or traditional endodontic cavities and class II composites.

Ivanoff, Chris & Marchesan, Melissa & Andonov, Bogomil & Hottel, Timothy & Dandarov, Yavor & Mandova, Sonya & Iftikhar, Hira. (2017). Fracture resistance of mandibular premolars with contracted or traditional endodontic access cavities and class II temporary composite restorations. Endodontic Practice Today. 11. 7-14.